Give the kids a fun and functional space to imagine, create and call their own!

Here are 4 tips on where to start…

playroom design

playroom design by Myranda Ayla Designs

    • I used fun, commercial grade carpet squares by Mohawk. Carpet squares allow you to get creative by mixing and matching different colors and patterns. I used a 2×2 and 2×4 pattern to create a random pattern. It is a fact that carpet squares are far easier than cleaning a tufted product, because carpet tiles have an impervious backing, which helps to prevent liquid from seeping through them. Order an extra box prior to install and make it easy on yourself, mama!
    • Keeping it classic with a bold pop of color can keep your kiddos from outgrowing their space as fast. Wallpapers are a fun way to add texture, but keep it a timeless print. I used silver York Wallcoverings circle burst wallpaper on either side of the entry walls into the playroom to create a mid-century modern vibe. Check out the monochromatic color with the bold pop in the orange sconces.mid century modern light
    • Furniture that is easy to move is ideal for kiddos and allows for flexibility for playdates, collaboration, and mamas to rest their feet. Make it fun with different colors, textures, metallics, materials, functions, etc. I used Ikea’s swivel egg chairs for a reading area and it paired so nicely with my pops of orange. Crate and Barrel Kids have great metallic poufs that can be used for extra seating or to toss around (my toddlers find this fun).  Pottery Barn Teen has great bean bag loungers that are so comfortable and lightweight. I made it easy on myself and went with the leather for maintenance. 
    • who doesn’t like a little order, even young ones! I created 5 different spaces that can make it organized and give them different boundaries for entertainment. The reading nook is complete with two Ikea swivel egg chairs and Ikea picture ledges to hold all of our favorite books. The imagination area has a kitchenette and a 5′ tall dollhouse with all the barbie accessories, faux foods, play cleaning supplies, etc. This is where their imagination comes to play, so you can imagine the mess! I tucked this area in a corner and put their tee-pee in front to keep it as “clutter free” as possible. Centrally located is their favorite- the teepee! From a hideout to their stuffed animal sanctuary, this teepee is very much loved and needed its own space. The work station area is also a great pop of color with a bright orange table and multi-functioning stools. This area can be used for coloring, puzzles, collaboration, lego tower making, tea parties, games- you name it! It is a necessary. Pottery barn kids has an adorable house-shaped chalkboard or you can DIY easily! The T.V. lounge area is complete with Pottery Barn Bean Bag chairs that make it comfortable for watching Sunday comics or doing virtual learning.

I would love to see your playroom spaces! Feel free to send me an email with pictures and your favorite tips!