All Saints Lower School

Client: All Saints Episcopal School Workscope: Animation, 3D-rendering for Capital Campaign  Location: Tyler, Texas

All Saints Episcopal School is a trendsetter for creative learning! Four years after launching their 6 million capital campaign, they have turned our renderings into reality and reshaped the way kids are learning while enhancing the school’s environment into a Collaborative, Creative Learning Hub!

Myranda Ayla Designs was hired to produce an animation of the three new spaces at the Lower school and produce high-quality renderings to show the community the vision for the next phase of the capital campaign. Animations allow you to take a tour of the new space, as they give an accurate representation of the completed construction. In this animation, you will see the (3) new spaces we focused on at the Lower School.

1. City-Inspired Hallway

2. Learning Forest Classroom

3. Outdoor Learning Pavilion

 The City-Inspired Hallway will have a unique entry for each classroom giving the child a fun, creative experience.


The Learning Forest Classroom creates a consistent design with the entryway of the Lower School, which has been transformed into a learning forest with floor-to-ceiling trees filled with books and learning nooks. 

The Outdoor Learning Pavilion will be connected to the classrooms and offer a different environment for learning.


Mike Cobb, Dean of All Saints Episcopal School, has created a vision transforming the upcoming generation. He said, “We wanted to imagine what schools could look like if our students were changing the world”.

And he did just that!

Myranda Ayla Designs is honored to partner with All Saints Episcopal School.