I thought it would be great to share our design process for the renovation at Grande Crossing. As you might know, every project that passes my desk is custom. We are starting to do more of these types of projects ( design-build) because


  • more cost effective
  • keeps everything consistent
  • we eliminate the client having to source and schedule all the different vendors  
    • = making it easier on them by providing everything from A-Z.
  • less chaotic for the client

final design

You keep hearing me say We… let me get to that. My role as a designer is working directly with the client to design and communicate the new concept through photomontage (as shown above), hand sketches or 3D modeling. During this preliminary process, I am working with the contractor, Watt Builders to ensure that we are staying within budget and providing the best solutions. The design process typically takes a good month depending on revisions, etc. Below shows all of our design concepts prior to the final design shown above. 

process concepts

As a designer, I believe we do not just design something and hope it falls into the right hands to be executed. I am involved until the very end. Josh Watt and I create a turn-key bid for the client [ framing, painting, EFIS, awnings, signage, landscaping, etc.] In this case, I created a signage tenant package for my client. Signage is very important and typically never budgeted for. I handle all communication to ensure we are getting exactly what we are wanting with awnings and signage. Better yet, we both strive to save the client money. Instead of charging a removal fee for all the landscaping I called the SPCA to see if they would want the beautiful shrubs for their new building on Old Bullard (all services were volunteered).



Now as you pass Grande and Old Jacksonville you know the story of Grande Crossing’s renovation. For more information about what we do check out our website