I recently partnered with Whitetail Hollow Development at their very preliminary stages of their journey!
There are so many things to juggle as a developer …
  • Development logo
  • Plat and lot design 
  • Renderings 
  • Marketing Material
  • Signage
  • Graphics
only to name a few…
My ultimate goal with Myranda Ayla Designs is to provide a service to make the clients ‘exciting chapter in their life’ as easy as we can by taking on these tasks. In the end, we can keep the design, look and quality consistent!

What more can a designer want!! 

My client, Roy worked with Planning Concepts  to develop the masterplan for the development. Roy put a team together of realtors from Griffin Real Estate and Smith and Crisp Realty, a website company Tech Doctor and Myself! This is a great niche for Myranda Ayla Designs because we can provide so many services. I provided the initial renderings that will be displayed on Whitetail Hollow Developments website. We took the renderings and included them in the design for the brochures, flyers and social media. This gives the home buyer, investor, contractor, real estate agent, etc. something to visually see prior to any construction!

whitetail hollow development

I will keep you on this journey as we fine-tune the logo, price and provide the development signage, pick out the exact trees for the restrictions, create animations and development renderings to keep our potential ‘home buyers’ engaged, provide marketing material for contractors, clients, etc. and
Here is a teaser of what is to come! 
Stay tuned on the development process as we will be rolling out the marketing materials and animations soon!!
What are some elements that are important for you as a buyer?