The whole picture

Mr. Jose Feliciano the Jose Feliciano hosted a great Business After hours event last Thursday for the Tyler Chamber of Commerce. He made a great analogy about his scope of work (wealth management) and held up a 500 piece puzzle in the box. He said what is the most important part of this puzzle? Corners, the last part are shouted from members. He said… It’s the picture on the box. He explained that they start with the whole picture in mind and work backwards to the details to get where you want to be. It made me think- thats exactly what I do too. I just finished a 3D model for Pine Cove, working with Kirk Acheson, Architect at Total Engineering. In this rendering, we have shown every room complete with furnishings, doors, materials, color schemes, etc.

This conveys the whole picture to the viewer. 3D renderings are a fast and efficient technique used to portray the design concept!

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